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At Bin Hire Melbourne we are aware of just how much waste is produced in our community. There are all sorts of household waste, business waste, garden waste and renovation waste. Many of our local landfill sites are overflowing with waste that really doesn’t need to be there. Electronic waste is one type of waste that is growing rapidly and it shouldn’t end up in landfill. Electronic waste is also known as e-waste and there are so many different types of e-waste in our community.

What is E-Waste?

E-waste can be anything that is electronic or has a power cord. Everything from microwaves, vacuums, toasters, mobile phones, computer can be considered e-waste. Once it is not longer usable or needs to be discarded it is considered e-waste.

E-waste is also old CD players, video and DVD players, computers, gaming units, fridges and washing machines. Most of us will use some form of electronic every day and without a doubt a lot of these will need replacing as some time.

How can we recycle E-Waste in our community?

Electronic waste is made up of many different components. Once these items are thrown away and sit in landfill, they release toxins into our air, soil and water. The best way to avoid this happening is to make sure we reuse what we can and recycle. When we decide to purchase newer items, we all need to make sure that we try our best to find a new home for products we don’t need. Secondhand items are very popular and are much more affordable than buying brand new items. Although buying second hand is not for everyone. It is important to make sure your used items do find a new home if they are in working order.

If your electronics no longer work or are broken there are many options for recycling. Recycling e-waste can make sure all the bits and pieces are removed and reused. When recycling old electronics mercury, gold, silver, plastics, aluminum and copper can be removed and reused to make other products.

Bin Hire Melbourne have skips that are suitable for e-waste and we will ensure this waste ends up at the appropriate site for further recycling. If you are unable to hire a skip to get rid of your waste there are many local councils around the northern suburbs and Melbourne that offer e-waste recycling. With so many changes to electronics every year we all need to make sure we do the best we can to recycle as much of our used electronics. E-waste in our community will continue to grow and we need to ensure it is reused, recycled so that we reduced the amount that ends up in landfill.

There are so many way we can all be sustainable, but it can be overwhelming. Starting simple is a great way to begin living sustainably. From there you can start doing a little bit extra as time goes by. Below are a few ways to help you get started. All these idea are great for home and at the office.

Turn off the lights

Reducing the amount of household energy we use will mean we use less fossil fuels. This means that we will conserve the earth’s natural resources. Fossil fuels include different forms of energy resources such as petroleum, coal and natural gases. By doing something as simple as turning off lights when you are not in a room will use less power.


Recycling is so important. Everything we recycle reduces that amount of waste that ends up in landfill which reduces that amount of toxic waste that goes into the environment. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle as much as you can to help preserve the earth’s natural resources and reduce the human carbon footprint.

Plant some Trees

Planting trees is a great way to help the environment. They ensure we have clean air to breath by absorbing some of the carbon dioxide in the air. They also clean the air by breaking down a lot of air pollutants. Trees are also great for providing shade, remove nasty chemicals from the soil and can be a home for many different types of wildlife.

Walk More

Walking not only is great for your health but is also great for the environment. Walking more will help reduce the amount of cars on the road. Less cars on the road means less greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere. Walking is also a great way to get out in your community and get some fresh air.

There are so many other ways we can be sustainable, but starting off simple is a great way to have a go and not get too overwhelmed. Living sustainably is important for our future and we all need to be aware of the resources we are using to do everyday things and making small changes at home can help make a difference.

Over the last twenty years we have seen a huge change in mobile phones. Twenty years ago many of us had the trusty Nokia mobile as one of our first mobile phones. Now there is an abundance of phone to choose from. Smart phones now days can do just about everything. We use them to take photos, plan our calendar, play games, social media, give us directions as well as make phone calls. With so many advances in mobile phone technology over the years there has been a huge increase in the amount of waste from phones. So, what can we do to make sure we recycle mobile phones?

Recycling Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are not biodegradable but the good news is we can reuse many parts of old mobiles. It is estimated that there are 23 million unused mobiles across Australia, that is a huge amount. There is no need for mobiles to sit around your hiding in junk house drawers. There are now ways to recycle your old mobile phones. Most of the major mobile phone retailers in Australia offer a drop off point for Mobile Muster. Mobile Muster is helping reduce e-waste by. It is a recycling program for mobile phones. All makes and models of mobile phones are accepted along with mobile batteries, chargers, even smart watches.

Mobile phones have many parts that can be recycled and reused. Materials that can be taken and recycled from mobiles phones include glass, aluminium, plastics and small amounts of copper, silver and platinum. These items can be recycled and produce lots of new items, saving on the need for natural resources.

Although it may seem like such a small item to make such a big environmental impact. Recycling mobile phones can save energy, help reduce greenhouse gases and protect the environment. Every little bit helps to protect and conserves our environment.

There is 600 thousand tonnes of plastic waste created by Australians every year. This is a huge amount. Plastic waste has fast become a big problem in many landfill sites. The problem is that it takes many years to break down. With so many different varieties of plastic around it is inevitable that some of it will end up either polluting our water ways or in landfill. Everything from plastic straws to plastic bags and plastic drink bottles are ending up as waste pilling up in land fill sites.

Plastic Packaging

Huge amounts of plastic waste comes from our supermarkets. When you go to do your weekly grocery shop you probably don’t take too much notice of packaging. But when you stop and think about it and look around you will notice that there is so much plastic used. Rolls of plastic bags ready to be used for your fruit and vegetables. Packaging for different meats, chip packaging, frozen food packaging. These are all plastics that can take years to break down.

Supermarkets aren’t the only source of plastic waste. There are restaurants that you get take away from, fast food, service stations and cafes. Plastic waste is everywhere in the form of bottles, take away containers and many types of wrappers.

Plastic Recycling

With so much plastic around in everyday life, it is always so important to keep recycling as much as we can. Most people are aware of the importance of recycling plastics and do their part to ensure plastic waste ends up in the correct recycling bin. If you can, why not try reusing the plastic containers and bottles. Maybe try something a little bit crafty, like making a bird feeder out of a plastic bottle. Supermarkets removing the use of single use plastic bags is a great start in eliminating the huge amount of plastic waste. But we also need to continue to be mindful about the plastics that we purchase and how we dispose of them. Reducing plastic waste will help keep our environment healthy.

When we don’t recycle we are slowly destroying our natural habitat. There are so many things changing at a rapid rate. Technology is changing all the time, producing more e-waste. Many cities are becoming more populated. The outer suburbs of Melbourne are expanding with more houses and retail shops. With all these changes there is bound to be an increase in waste that is being produced. So, what will happen if we don’t recycle? Without recycling and reducing the amount of waste we produce many of our natural habitats will be affected. Our water ways will be polluted, and our air quality will reduce. Not only will pollution take over we will also run out of natural resources because our environment isn’t made to withstand all the waste that is produced.


A clean environment is essential for healthy living and recycling plays an important part in our lives. If we make the effort to recycle and look after our environment it will benefit all of us. Recycling what we can now will help us preserve our environment. The world needs fresh, clean air to survive. We don’t want our air to become polluted. Without every ones effort with recycling, all rubbish will end up in landfill. Our landfill sites will continue to overflow and cause pollution and dangerous gases to enter the environment. Waste can take years to break down in landfill and while this is happening all these awful, toxic gases are being released into the air. These gases are contributing to greenhouse gases that are causing terrible problems for our ozone layer.


The amount of plastics many of us use is a huge contributor to green house gases. Reducing consumption of plastic bottles and plastic bags is a great example of how we can help the environment. Plastics such as shopping bags, food wrapping and drink bottles can take hundreds of years to break down and decompose. All of us can make sure these plastics don’t end up in landfill if we take the time to ensure they are placed in the correct recycling bin.

Bin Hire Melbourne Recycling

Here at Bin Hire Melbourne we do our best to recycle as much as we can. We make every effort to ensure our skip bins are taken to the correct transfer station for further recycling. It is important that our customers help by ensuring they let us know what they are putting in the skip bin they have hired. Part of the excellent service we provide is that we take pride in doing our part to help reduce the carbon footprint.

When it comes to recycling the 3 R’s isn’t a new concept, but something that has been around for several years. The three R’s stands for Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Having a sustainable environment is so important. With the world changing rapidly and different technologies being introduced all the time we need to continue with these essential practices. The 3 R’s is such a simple phrase that is easy to remember.

Reduce requires us to really have a think about the products we use. How can we stop single use products being used that end up as waste and in landfill? There are so many options available now. Something that is so important is that we reduce the amount of single use plastics we use. There are plenty of reusable options available now. Everything from paper drinking straws, reusable shopping bags, and reusable coffee cups. Most of our mail is now sent electronically too, so this is reducing a huge about of paper.

Reuse will require us to find other uses for our items rather than tossing them away. There are so many different varieties of reusable plastic containers. These are a much better option than using zip lock bags or take ways containers to store food. You can always donate old clothes or furniture to your local op shop. Some of your old bits and pieces might come in so handy to someone else. So, give your old items a new home if you’ve finished with them. This will reduce the amount of perfectly good items ending up in landfill.

Recycling is the process of turning our waste into new items. It is so important that we take the time to sort through our waste and work out what can and can’t be recycled. Recyclables also need to be placed into the correct recycling bins so that they can be processed. Every home has and yellow recycling bin that is used for recycling a variety of plastics and papers and cans. There is also a green waste bin that is for green waste from your garden. this waste can be recycled and turned into new mulch for garden.

The three Rs is a simple and great way to learn and understand how we can best make use of the products we use. Whether it be Reduce, Reuse or Recycle.

Many of us will require skip hire over the years. Whether it be for a renovation clean up, garden clean up, home declutter skip hire is the most convenient way to get rid of rubbish. Hiring a skip bin from Bin Hire Melbourne is a simple process but there are a few things you will need to consider beforehand.

One of the main things you will need to consider is what type of waste you have. The type of waste you have will help determine what type of skip bin you need. Bin Hire Melbourne have a variety of skip bins available. If you have just cleaned up your garden and have plants and weeds to get rid of you will need a green waste bin. If you have cleaned out and decluttered your home a general waste bin is a good option. When it comes to heavier waste such as bricks, tiles, plaster or other building material you will need a mixed waste bin or builders bin. If you are unsure of what type of bin will be suitable for the rubbish you have one of our friendly staff members can help you select the most suitable bin.

The next decision you will need to make is what size skip bin do you need. Bin Hire Melbourne have a variety of skip bins sizes starting a 2m³ up to 24m³ skip bins. The larger bins are generally used for commercial sized clean ups. Our popular domestic sized skip bins are 2m³, 3m³, 4m³, 6m³. Selecting the correct skip size is important, you don’t want to find yourself out of space if you get a size to small. We do recommend hiring a skip bin that is one size bigger to make sure all your waste fits into the skip.

Finally you will need to decide a delivery date and time. Bin Hire Melbourne operate Monday to Saturday. When you book a bin with us, we will discuss a suitable time for delivery of you skip bin. We will also discuss with you bin placement options. A popular option for domestic bin hire is the driveway. If you don’t have access to a driveway, we can discuss other options with you.

Assisting our customers with their bin hire needs is important to us. We take pride in offering an excellent skip hire service and are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Christmas is now only a few days away. Everyone is busy rushing around at shopping centres getting the last minute gifts ready. While the lead up can be an exhausting time, it is always great when you can sit down with your family and friends and enjoy Christmas Day. Christmas lunch or dinner is always something to enjoy. Watching the kids open up their presents with excitedly is great to see.

Here at Bin Hire Melbourne we are busy delivering bins and collecting bins right up to Christmas Eve. After a very busy few weeks, all our hard working staff will enjoy a well deserved break over Christmas and enjoy spending some quality time with our families. We will close Monday 24th December and re-open Wednesday 2nd January. From all of us here at Bin Hire Melbourne we would like to wish all our customers a very happy and safe Christmas and New Year.

December seems to have just appeared at lightning speed this year. The year has flown by with so many different activities on through the year. This time of year is a favourite for many as it is the start of summer and also a time to celebrate Christmas and all things merry. It’s the time of year you start to unpack all the Christmas decorations that have been packed away for the year. Christmas trees are going up in most households and there are plenty of houses decorated for the festive season.

A favourite amongst a lot of Melbourne families has always been The Boulevard Christmas lights in Ivanhoe. Operating from December 15 to December 24 The Boulevard and some of the surrounding streets have spectacular Christmas light displays on most of the houses and gardens.

Some other suburban Christmas light displays include Reichelt Ave, Montmorency, Palpera Tce, Greensborough. As well as Gordon Grove, Preston which has their lights flashing in time with music.

There are also many Christmas displays and decorations around Melbourne’s CBD. Federation Square has a giant 16 metre Christmas tree and a giant bauble that lights up. The Bourke Street Mall in the CBD have the famous Myer Christmas windows. The Docklands have a festive light display at night and the Melbourne Town Hall is wrapped in a giant bow with some lovely wreaths as decoration and an amazing light show at night.

Christmas lights are always popular for many families. And with more and more houses getting into the festive spirit and decorating there are plenty of streets for families to visit to see the wonderful light displays.

Renovating your home can be a very exciting and rewarding time. But it can also be very tiring and stressful.

From the moment you decide to renovate any part of your home, you know the list of tasks will be long. Whether you’ve decided to renovate kitchen, bathroom or maybe even your whole house, lots of planning and organising needs to be put in place.

Along with organising a lot of different tradesmen and trying to coordinate who needs to be where and when, you’ll need to plan for rubbish removal. With any renovation, there is bound to be a lot a rubbish that needs to be removed. And in order to completely enjoy your newly renovated home you need to thoroughly clean all the mess that will be made during the renovation.

To take away some of the stress that comes with a renovation clean up, 1800 Melbin will be able to help. With a range of walk in skip bins for hire in various sizes. A skip bin can be delivered to your property so you can easily place renovation waste in. This may be old carpets, tiles or cabinets.

With a skip bin just outside your home a lot of hassle is taken out of the messy task of cleaning up. And you can start to enjoy your newly renovated room or house and think about making plans for you r next project.