About Us

Why Choose Us?

  • At BinHireMelbourne.com.au our number one priority is providing excellent customer service. Our drivers are polite and courteous, they also have extensive experience with picking up and dropping off bins. When you call our call centre will be able to answer questions you may have about your hire as well as help you determine the best bin for your needs. If you need a council permit we will know and we will organise it on your behalf. This means your bin hire will also be covered under our public liability insurance.

  • All of the rubbish that is collected in our bins is moved to our transfer station. Here we sort the rubbish to maximise our recycling efforts. Soil, concrete and green waste are kept separate from everything else. This waste can be recycled. The only thing that ends up in landfill is rubbish that cannot be recycled. Not only does this benefit the environment it allows us to provide a lower price for our bin hire services.

  • Where possible we like to give back to the local communities we are working in. Our support takes on different forms, for example, we might sponsor a local children’s sports teams for a season, or provide discounted and free bin hire services for those organisations that are running to better the community. We publish links to this community engagement in our company blog.