E-Waste in our Community

At Bin Hire Melbourne we are aware of just how much waste is produced in our community.  There are all sorts of household waste, business waste, garden waste and renovation waste. Many of our local landfill sites are overflowing with waste that really doesn’t need to be there. Electronic waste is one type of waste that is growing rapidly and it shouldn’t end up in landfill.  Electronic waste is also known as e-waste and there are so many different types of e-waste in our community.

What is E-Waste?

E-waste can be anything that is electronic or has a power cord. Everything from microwaves, vacuums, toasters, mobile phones, computer can be considered e-waste.  Once it is not longer usable or needs to be discarded it is considered e-waste.

E-waste is also old CD players, video and DVD players, computers, gaming units, fridges and washing machines. Most of us will use some form of electronic every day and without a doubt a lot of these will need replacing as some time.

How can we recycle E-Waste in our community?

Electronic waste is made up of many different components. Once these items are thrown away and sit in landfill, they release toxins into our air, soil and water. The best way to avoid this happening is to make sure we reuse what we can and recycle. When we decide to purchase newer items, we all need to make sure that we try our best to find a new home for products we don’t need. Secondhand items are very popular and are much more affordable than buying brand new items. Although buying second hand is not for everyone. It is important to make sure your used items do find a new home if they are in working order.

If your electronics no longer work or are broken there are many options for recycling. Recycling e-waste can make sure all the bits and pieces are removed and reused. When recycling old electronics mercury, gold, silver, plastics, aluminum and copper can be removed and reused to make other products.

Bin Hire Melbourne have skips that are suitable for e-waste and we will ensure this waste ends up at the appropriate site for further recycling. If you are unable to hire a skip to get rid of your waste there are many local councils around the northern suburbs and Melbourne that offer e-waste recycling. With so many changes to electronics every year we all need to make sure we do the best we can to recycle as much of our used electronics.  E-waste in our community will continue to grow and we need to ensure it is reused, recycled so that we reduced the amount that ends up in landfill.